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      Complete underground mining oquipment

      The armored face conveyor(AFC)is a major product of the CCZMM.

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      Conveying system for bulk materials

      This is an important conveying equipment applied in gransfer lifting at headgate of coal mine and also open pit.

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      Coal processing environment protection equipment

      The CCZMM can provide set water treatmetn technology and construction planning,and also utilze existing infrustructure...

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      Industrial chains
      and Slings

      The Parsons Chain Company of CCZMM started chain making since 1958, and after half-century’s development, it becomes the...

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      Digital mining equipment

      The digital mining equipment is to utilize SCADA system to collect data and remotely monitor all aspects of coal mine...

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      Mining gearbox
      Sprocket components
      Hydraulic coupling

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      Global service

      Customers’ demand pushes our R&D on equipment. Provide customers with new technology and good product.

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